Concierge Visit

One-time concierge visit

Level One
Telemedicine visit – $75
At-home or At-office visit – $125* plus $25 concierge fee
Level Two
Telemedicine visit – $150
At-home or At-office visit – $200* plus $25 concierge fee

Examples of a Level One Visit:
1. Routine Primary Care Visit:
– Purpose: Routine check-up, general health assessment.
– Activities: Basic physical examination, discussion of overall health, preventive care discussions (e.g., vaccinations, screenings).

2. Follow-up Appointment for Stable Condition:
– Purpose: Follow-up for a stable or well-controlled chronic condition.
– Activities: Medication review, symptom assessment, discussion of any concerns.

3. Annual Wellness Visit:
– Purpose: Comprehensive review of overall health and preventive care.
– Activities: Health history review, risk assessment, screenings, and health counseling.

Examples of a Level Two Visit:
1. Specialist Consultation:
– Purpose: Referral to a specialist for a specific health concern.
– Activities: In-depth examination related to the specialty, additional diagnostic tests or imaging, discussion of treatment options.

2. Complex Primary Care Visit:
– Purpose: Evaluation of a complex health issue or multiple health concerns.
– Activities: Detailed history-taking, thorough physical examination, additional diagnostic tests, coordination of care with other specialists.

3. Urgent Care Visit:
– Purpose: Evaluation of an acute health issue that requires prompt attention but may not be an emergency.
– Activities: Examination, diagnostic tests (e.g., X-rays, lab tests), minor procedures or treatments.

It’s important to note that the specific activities and services provided during a medical visit can vary widely based on the nature of the health concern, the healthcare provider’s specialty, and the patient’s individual needs. If you have questions about the classification of your medical visit, it’s best to consult with our office by calling 954-816-4913.

    *Applied to appointments at your location