Concierge Medicine

Conventional insurance-based medical practices are becoming difficult with more employees and time spent just on billing and collections. Insurance companies dictate the type of care doctors give, and doctors have to see 25+ patients a day to maintain their business. Many times, the cost of billing is more than the fee itself.

Concierge medicine allows physicians the freedom to serve patients and practice medicine the way they were trained. No billing means doctors have time to spend with patients, and patients can access the doctor when and where they need to.

Ultimately, concierge medicine allows for more than just a better version of what is already there. Doctors are able to redefine the frontlines of care by providing proactive and preventive care that is otherwise unavailable in the traditional system. This leads patients to experience better service while having better health – namely fewer surgeries, specialist visits, hospitalizations, and medications.

We come to you for a small fee of $25.

We also have the convenient option of utilizing telemedicine, which allows you to see the doctor via your phone or tablet.